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Street Closure Requests

To close a street for an event please send your written request electronically, fax transmittal or by regular mail at least two weeks prior to the event to:

The Special Operations Division, Attn: Brenda Murphy, 1136 Washington Street, Suite 324, Columbia, SC 29201 or fax: (803) 545-3393 or email to: bmmurphy@columbiasc.net.

Please provide the following information:            

1.  The purpose of the street closing request.

2.  The street to be closed and the between streets. For example: 1100 block of Washington Street between Main Street and Assembly Street.

3.  The date of the event.

4.  A beginning and ending time for the event.

5.  A contact name, phone number and address.

6.  A letter of support from your Neighborhood President.  * If you do not know who your neighborhood president is, please contact Charmaine Clark, Community Neighborhood Specialist at:
(803) 545-3403 or cdclark@columbiasc.net.

* If your neighborhood is not within the Columbia Council of Neighborhoods, then you must distribute a flyer, with your phone number as contact, within the closure area, and provide a copy of the flyer along with a written statement from you that you distributed this flyer among the residents that are affected by the closure and received no telephone calls with concerns or complaints regarding the closure. Please note that this must be provided prior to the processing of your street closing request.

Sale or Consumption of Alcohol

If the event requires the sale or consumption of alcohol, in addition to the above steps 1-6, you must contact Shari Ardis in the Legal Department at (803) 737-4242 or slardis@columbiasc.net  for a resolution at least 60 days in advance to process your request.

Construction and Crane Companies – Any Company contracted to do work on a building

Construction Companies / Crane Companies / Any work being done on a building within the City of Columbia that requires a lane, or sidewalk closure, in addition to the above steps 1-6, you must contact Fanessa Pinckney at (803) 545-3423 or fcpinckney@columbiasc.net

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Brenda Murphy at (803)-545-3507.

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