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Community Services Division

Captain J.P. Auld

Lieutenant R.T. Felder

Lieutenant Chris White

Community policing is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and citizens to help identify problems that disrupt the quality of life among communities. It involves all elements of city government to address the concerns and issues of residents, businesses, church and neighborhood leaders, schools and those that visit our city.

Under the supervision of a Police Corporal, the Warrant Team focuses on the execution of arrest warrants for high profile offenses. It is the mission of the Warrant Team to safely and aggressively target and seek out violent and dangerous offenders and career criminals who are wanted. The intended outcome of this effort is to increase public safety by locating and apprehending such violent fugitives

Under the supervision of a Police Sergeant, The PACE team’s mission is to establish an active partnership between the Columbia Police Department and the Communities of the City of Columbia to analyze problems, design and implement solutions and services that are truly community based. In turn, joint responsibility and capacity will be shared by the community and police personnel, creating empowerment for the community to help solve crime issues. This will ultimately “establish relationships, build public trust, and earn citizen confidence while reducing crime, to make Columbia the safest City in South Carolina conducts targeted crime prevention and suppression activities citywide.

Under the supervision of a Police Sergeant, the unit provides high visibility drug suppression and interdiction activities. The team’s main focus is to eliminate drugs, drug dealers and the criminal activity associated with the purchase, distribution and use of illegal narcotics

Under the supervision of a Police Lieutenant, the unit is responsible for the recruiting, selection, and hiring processes.  The unit is also responsible for coordinating payroll records, employee benefits, and the maintenance of personnel folders.  The unit includes the Judicial Liaison who is responsible for coordinating officer’s appearances before the Municipal Court.

The mission of the Columbia Police Department’s Hospitality Team is to promote public safety for the business districts.  The team encourages a proactive interaction partnership between business owners and managers in order to develop a safe and successful atmosphere for businesses, citizens, and visitors in Columbia.  This collaborative effort assists in identifying problem areas and address concerns which brings a positive resolution and enhances safety in the business communities.


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