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The Records Unit is the depository for all original police reports. These include offense reports, vehicular accident reports, and all additional reports completed by Patrol and Investigative officers. These reports are processed, indexed and archived for permanent storage. The unit is also responsible for entering, updating, validating, and cancellation of all reported statistical and criminal history information provided to the, state, and federal Criminal History Record Information databases.  The Records Unit adheres to strict standards of confidentiality. Details of a report are not discussed over the telephone. In order to request a copy of a Police Report you must respond in person to Police Headquarters (Records Unit) located at #1 Justice Square, with a proper photo identification.

The unit will provide copies of all reports ($3.00 per offense or accident report).  Generally, you cannot have a copy of a police report for a crime reported by someone else, as this might compromise the privacy of the victim and/or witnesses.



  • Must be at least (18) eighteen years of age

  • Must have a valid South Carolina driver’s license.

  • Obtain a (10) ten year driving history from the South Carolina Department of

  • Transportation.

  • Obtain a criminal history report from SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) on Broad River Road. See SLED Website information attached.

  • Return completed application. Be sure that it is notarized before you return it to this office.

  • We will make a Xerox copy of your driver’s license to attach to the application. Driver’s license must have current address and up to date information. If it is not, we cannot accept the application.

  • If you are approved for the first level, then we will call you so you can arrange for your physical.



  • You will receive a physical form that has to be completed by the physician of your choice.

  • You must use our form for the physical.

  • You will need a TB test. If the physician that does the physical also does the TB test, all they need to do is write in the results on the bottom of the physical form, sign and date it. TB tests are available from the County Health Department.

  • Obtain (2) two recent pictures, 2x2 ½ glossy print. If you intend to apply for a Fort Jackson Chauffeurs license, you will need (2) two additional pictures. The pictures must by full front view and very clear. (Can be obtained from Post Office or any business that takes Passport type photos)

  • Once all of the above items are completed, return them to the Records Unit for the final approval. We will call you after the license has been signed by the Chief of Police and have you to bring in the pictures and pay for the license at that time.

  • Chauffeurs licenses will expire on the date of expiration of your South Carolina driver’s license. They are valid for the same period as your driver’s license. Come in and reapply about (1) one month before your license expires.

  • Fees: Chauffeurs License ($5.00) five dollars per year based on your drivers licenses expiration date: 1 year - $5.00 2 years $10.00, 3 years $15.00, 4 years $20.00, 5 years $25.00.

  • If you have any questions during this process, please contact the Records Unit.

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